The SEO of two minds

these days often have friends in the group said don’t understand what SEO needs, for what, many of my friends to the understanding of SEO is still in the hazy stage, think SEO just do keyword on the line, in fact, this idea is wrong. You can do it ", the success of two minds" close to you.

three hearts:

resolution: no matter what you do, you have to be determined, no matter what you do or what you do. As long as you pay, you will certainly be rewarded. Determined to do SEO, you must always remember the rankings, algorithms, and then think of a solution, so you are eligible to do SEO.

patient: do SEO is a long-term process, and is not a day for two days can make keywords reach a very high rankings, a new station, if you want to do the more competitive keywords, or even half a year long to make up, because not only will you SEO other website webmaster will, in such conditions, to have enough patience to grind, remember, eat hot tofu.

confidence: don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, there are many SEO people read a lot of books, SEO SEO tutorial, but on your ability to evaluate little, like an ordinary juvenile sudden surge in a cycle of internal strength, not the actual hands-on experience. Knowledge is enough, but the lack of experience, often do not have confidence on their own, in fact, confidence is the most important, I have the confidence to do the words "Baidu" first! Sincerity: ask yourself: have faith for SEO? A qualified SEO people every day more than 10 hours Baidu keyword analysis index, cause fall down, analyze how to better improve the keywords ranking……

love: love SEO, to do SEO, must be more time, research competitors SEO and SEO strategy, keywords to competitors closely monitored, I always think that to regard SEO as his wife, when entering the SEO industry, SEO has become an integral part of me they live in, but to be successful, it must be of two minds "".

1) obvious website is the website search engines love what is obvious? If you want to do about the "real estate broker" website, then you have a straightforward domain name, of course it is not easy to get a domain name ah, don’t worry, you do not register to the You can register a domain name associated well, anyway, your goal is to tell others what you are. The same reason, you do this site should always be in line with this principle to do, the article you only put this topic closely related, and the other should not be placed.

2) there is a master, once, clear, do web pages, depending on the only point of attention is whether the page looks good, the effect of the page display is not reasonable layout. In fact, we want to pass through

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