How to design the homepage of enterprise website

enterprise website, than in portal, than on a personal website, enterprise website, a few pages are generally limited, and now the leading enterprises, many of them do not focus too much on the network this one, because they always think that is to do with traditional channels. Therefore, the enterprise website design, in the network promotion inside, always step back. Although there are now foresight business leaders began to focus on this one, but in general, is not worth mentioning.

earlier, because of contact with a copy of the company in Shenzhen, and therefore his small talk, so write down this article, explore how the enterprise website to design home page.

first principle: home page should be written mainly.

in addition to the normal UI and user experience, the home page of an enterprise website does not necessarily have FLASH, video, and complex blinding effects all on the front page. This obviously affected the spider’s climb to the home page.

second point principle: the home page of activity

normally, the spider’s first entry is the home page. If the content of forever immutable, spiders do not like, come a few times, there is no fresh blood can suck, it will not bother to come. My website, designed before the home page, because basically pictures and so on, there are dynamic things. Therefore, he said, Shenzhen copy this critical ranking has gone. After that, I referred to my advice and changed a picture part of the home page into a news update list. Yesterday, tell me, Shenzhen copy this keyword up.

third point principle: the structure of the interface is clear.

called DIV+CSS. This is the old, nor what to say, the world knows. DIV+CSS personally, I think the key is to give the spider a clear set of ideas, that is to say, the spider will not be lost in your web site.

fourth: Design of regular attributes

, such as TITLE, KEYWORDS, and so on. Many of these online experts say that the proportion of these keywords is, in fact, I do not think you do not have to go, according to this standard to design. Here I put forward a 80/20 theory, I want to use the enterprise homepage design positioning, should be applicable.

, for example, the part of your website activity. Should be 80%, fixed part, should be 20% or so.

above is only personal talk. Wait for a straw.

: the sun feibai friendship support: the original, reproduced please keep this


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