What should SEO do in 2011

SEO emerged from around 1997, and for businesses, SEO is in order to get more free traffic. But don’t forget, SEO service clients are search engines, and SEO’s business promotion is consistent with the value of search users. And SEO in order to get better rankings, have been trying to understand the search engine algorithm, in order to make it easier to get better rankings. But before the boiling point of the network is also mentioned a "boiling point network: SEO should experience the service of the king for the emperor" and "boiling point network: SEO should experience the service of the king for the Emperor (two)", I believe we should have a certain understanding of user experience.

actually, in the long run, SEO and search engines have a common interest relationship.

, the first search engine in order to attract more users, you need to SEO to improve the quality of the search, there are a lot of quality resources, is the use of flash or Ajax, the search engine is no way to crawl and index, but with SEO, Zhejiang quality resources can be better displayed in front of the user the.

second, seo search engine is a very good commercial value although there have been many preachers, enterprises realize the network marketing this one, but there are still a considerable number of small and medium enterprises is the traditional "white", with SEO, there is considerable benefits for the expansion of the search engine industry value.

third, SEO for their own site get better ranking, only to please the search engine, the search engine will need to please the user, if the search engine is removed, SEO is to please the user, so SEO will be gradually to provide high-quality resources, and this point of the search engine is to meet the requirements the mask is Baidu Sina? Sina update everyday so much news, Baidu is not so


remembers that the SEO industry has just started, the industry is full of black hats, they use the flaw of search engines to achieve their purpose, but this behavior is to Shanghai user experience for the price, also will

endangers the survival base of search engines, so the search engine is severely punished for the corresponding SEO black hat behavior. Well, with the changing search engine algorithms such as Baidu and Google, what do 2011 of SEOER’s jobs need to do?

1, aiming at the correct keywords, need high flow, competitive degree, high investment income;

2, improve the accessibility of the web site, make the site without error, good redirection, the website load speed stays in 3 seconds;

3, enhance website brand awareness, from news magazines, newspapers, television, etc., you can also increase users, friends, so that users forward, share, vote or award-winning question and answer;

4, to different websites and websites related to your website

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