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Shopcade currently serves only in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you are interested, you can go to the website and start a special store with your own style.

"in fact, the determination is not the biggest I have great confidence in the Internet, but I think to do one thing, experience is a kind of success, you go to try again, you can not turn; but if you do not think thousand roads like night, morning walk the road, the same reason."

to do the right thing, stick to their ideals and mission is to pay a huge price, are the same at any time. Especially in today’s China business environment, creating an open and transparent, honesty responsibility, shared commercial civilization will be destroyed a large number of vested interest groups."

this site with some special stores Gap, OLD NAVY cooperation, regularly launch preferential good to users, users only need to Facebook or twitter to help in sharing this information you can get these discounts.

"I’m not a quitter, I quite believe that as long as I didn’t die, I will become bigger. Today I am not Ma, Ma is the representative of the people of this generation, entrepreneurs, new people, a new spirit we advocate."


Shopcade user through Facebook or twitter, for personal recommended to do real-time update and share, or you can keep track of your friends on the Shopcade store page, see what products do recommend purchase; when a friend or yourself through the Shopcade store to buy the East West link, and their friends will receive feedback through Kim, Shopcade Paypal way to send money to you.

Ma can be said to be a contemporary entrepreneur idol, a lot of people in the beginning will complain that no money, no experience. Ma Yun had three business experience in starting a business is not what money, but in the end he succeeded. Ma Yun said: "in the beginning entrepreneurs do not need guidance, but hard work."

, "Ma told Ali: insist on doing the right thing is the ideal and survival" IT Business News Network March 24, 2012

– "Ma believes the value of Honesty: rather less than Amoy treasure also not lose integrity" the investment community in March 19, 2012

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ever thought about opening a virtual store of his own to make money? Try Shopcade,


believes that enterprise should do business integrity, should have a mission and values, otherwise we don’t need to work so hard. I do not think that I stand on the moral peak, I am just an ordinary person, I’m just an entrepreneur. You talk to entrepreneurs and small businesses to do the longer time, the more you understand the entrepreneur is not easy, not easy to change this."

many people have ideas but little action, but Ma an idea immediately action. So Ma success, his success tells us that entrepreneurs need is not only the spirit of hard work, but also with a dare to challenge the heart and don’t give up the belief.

"I believe that honesty is valuable, can be turned into money."


: Alibaba Group Chairman and chief executive officer of

– "Ma: brand is not rely on advertising to drop out" financial sector in March 21, 2012

Shopcade is a dedicated platform that allows users to build personal stores and earn reward commissions cash. Users can Shopcade in the sixty-five million commodity data, choose their favorite or distinctive commodity, in the personal Shopcade store page display, and can be recommended for their products or comment on the use of experience; products include electronic products, clothing, furniture, household goods, books and so on to choose.

on the Shopcade page, will give each user a record number PTS of the place, when you invite a friend to join Shopcade, keep track of your friends shops, goods to increase personal page, log in to the site, or to participate in the Shopcade game, will increase your points. In addition to using these points to participate in Shopcade games, users can use these points to exchange certain items.

in addition, there is also a popularity index trendsetter, score in Shopcade. Your popularity index increases when someone tracks follow the display items of your store, puts recommendations on the pages of other personal stores, or purchases through your store. When your popularity index is higher, you can exchange some free gifts offered by Shopcade for free.


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"I want to prove one thing, if Ma can be successful, Chinese 80% young people can be successful, what, only one can be successful, why only the brave can success, success must have wisdom and integrity, so the world is speeding up the opening."

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