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Top1: Mito listed


however, the current business environment is indeed poor, one is the mobile Internet dividends gradually exhausted, entrepreneurs do not have too much room for innovation, on the other hand, the overall industry environment is not good, when investors become more cautious. For Mito, the pressure is still not small after the listing, as soon as their hundreds of millions of users into revenue, to achieve profitability is the top priority.

2016 will be gone, according to the Convention, and to the East in time once a year. This year, continue to combine the development of the Internet industry in 2016, launched annual physical inventory, and gives their own observation and interpretation. Today, continue to bring out the fourth "2016 ten inventory of Internet business event"

event review December 15th, the mobile Internet enterprise Mito company officially listed on the Hongkong stock exchange board trading. This is the biggest IPO after the opening of Shenzhen and Hong kong. At the same time, Mito became the largest Internet company listed in Hongkong after Tencent. And what is worth mentioning is, Mito chairman Cai Wensheng just released a letter through the media plan to read at the scene of the IPO thank you letter, which is exposed Cai Wensheng in the entrepreneurial circle and capital circle strong connections.


according to the relevant data, the average apartment to rent for a period of 23 days, to the landlord for the vacancy cost is very high, depending on the intention of the user to get a lot of free rent, is actually a disguised as landlord reduced vacancy loss.

| Li East


according to the chain of home real estate data, only about half of Beijing’s tenants will seek housing through intermediaries, the main reason is that the cost is too high. Top of several large intermediary in Beijing rental housing market share, nor more than 10%.

in accordance with a monthly rent of 5000 yuan two bedroom, through Tintin rental

Yu Jianyang graduated from Tsinghua University, previously in the IT enterprise association responsible for customer service work, in 2010 into the property intermediary industry, IT gene for him to use the Internet to transform the rental industry has an advantage.

comments East beauties of the Internet industry in the year listed should face the only collective winter capital highlights, as everyone knows, because the capital poor environment, the domestic has long been the scale of the Internet Co to complete IPO. Even drops, the U.S. group, such as millet valuation has ten billion dollars of the unicorn are suspended because the winter capital of IPO, and in this context, the map can withstand pressure IPO successfully in Hongkong, definitely worth encouraging.



Top2: Dr. Zhang Rui, founder of spring rain, died

comment East Spring doctor founder and CEO Zhang Rui absolute in the business circle is a heavy bomb, which also give the entrepreneur mind left a "haze", at the same time for entrepreneurs to provide a wake. Have to say, the current Internet entrepreneurs are now facing competitive pressure is very large, huge financing and performance pressures, leading entrepreneurs day and night work. As a matter of fact, many people are so busy trying to realize their dream of starting their own business, they tend to ignore it

this is doomed to be a profound revolution, a company with real money to provide services, is bound to break the established pattern of the industry, no one can pretend to touch stones.

The first tip: do not believe the

collects rental information from the homeowner and offers it to clients who have the intent to rent, and rent a month’s rent as a reward after successful matchmaking.

this is the business model of almost all rental agencies in china. Whether there are hundreds of stores in the formal business, or entirely rely on mass SMS, small ads affixed to the survival of the self-employed, have tacitly followed this path.

we choose not to accept intermediary fees, the core is because the rental market is mixed. Through free, we can quickly cut into the market, standardized services we can provide a better experience, the real housing real photos, by our brokers, these are not small intermediary can provide.

but the other side of Ding Ding’s free rent is a 5 day rent to the landlord.

The sudden death of

"free" is the first pawn left by Tintin rental house:

event review in late October 5, 2016, Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. spring doctor founder and CEO Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction, unfortunately, died in Beijing at the age of 44, on social networks, many industry entrepreneurs have expressed regret and condolences.

Yu Jianyang is Ding Ding rental CEO, the introduction of the chain of real estate investment in the Internet rental housing company, has five thousand rental brokers, more than 100 thousand rental information.

drift around the flyover posted psoriasis ads, most of them will be posted by black intermediary, the house has been rented out in your relationship house, and then recommend to you the other "better" rental housing. The transportation is convenient, the decoration is exquisite, the complete set is complete, all only exists in the fable.

when everyone is still pretending to touch the stone, nothing can break this self delusion more than crossing the river. Playing "free rental" slogan Ding Ding housing, in the end is arrogant not knowing, or the rise of an industry subversive

Yu Jianyang: free rental, we choose to leather their lives,


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