Webpage embedded advertisement also should abide by property lawThe blog promotion monthly income of

      2; the quality of service between customers and advertisers who buy keywords. Although the page embedded advertising under the banner of precision marketing, but what exactly is the effect? And keyword will appear meaning understanding bias.

originally wanted to half a month, let the line on the website, but did not expect the station is not imagined so simple, not only to learn web design, but also to learn the station program, record, domain knowledge, and mapping the PS and FW also want to learn. Every day so crustily skin of learning by doing, efficiency "is good as can be imagined, and change, change and delete, delete and do a few days. They barely satisfactory…… Half a month later, not only the site is not on-line, and even the basic framework is not ready, every day after work blink of an eye.

in June 12th, after 3 months of hard work, my website "95 shopping village" finally on the line, but I still do not seem to prepare for this "newborn" preparation, no idea and direction for the promotion of SEO website. Therefore, after the site on-line learning also kicked off, the limited time every night, will be some online articles COPY down, sent to the company’s mailbox, during the day have free time to see. Slowly, I also understand the importance of SEO, the site has been optimized, updated every day

 :     when we open NetEase, blog and other web sites, will find some key words set the link, click the mouse, will pop up an advertising box. The nature of the principle comes from Mr. Yu Shunfeng’s chains, but Mr. Shun’s chains are for knowledge and background, and are now being advertised. The model is embedded in the web advertising, features in order to background analysis, keywords, readers and other background to provide accurate advertising marketing, and direct the key word as a marketing object. The webpage embedded advertisement proves technically the feasibility of the downwind chain model.

 :     because the embedded web advertising does not provide more relevant knowledge background for Internet users, but it is a variety of advertising, it is commercial, it is for profit purposes. There is no difference in advertising when we watch tv. There are three links to Embedded Web Advertising: advertisers, websites, and Internet users, so the following are the main points:

station or to start Taobao off, then using the pure blog way Taobao customers have a good income, the highest monthly income is 2500 yuan, although many in this income is the master seems to be not at all surprising, but the blog promotion after all there are many restrictions, such as those of income can not be off site like Taobao. It is also because the blog promotion had income, so I believe Wangzhuan is promising, but also let me believe your idea is correct, but there is not a good platform. So I naturally thought of building a website of my own.

      embedded advertising and Focus Media "has some essential features, the" property law "the introduction will have some impact on the model, thus the rapid reaction to the question:" the window of sovereignty belongs to who? Page embedded advertising, as we open the window in the window, the mouse will pop up, and ask, this and the pop-up pop-up advertising what is the difference? What’s the difference between rogue software and rogue software?

      interest exists between 1, divided into advertisers, websites, advertisers to buy a website, such as advertisers to NetEase, Sohu, and Tencent such as Sina, to talk about, can open a window in the corporate website. Therefore, when users browse the web, they will encounter different quality of embedded advertising pages, such as NetEase is generally advertising, and blog is often linked to the relevant web site. There is different quality difference and experience difference in the information acquired by users.

at the beginning of March this year, after a firm idea of his site, in what circumstances will not register a domain name and bought space. My idea is to do an online shopping theme website, online shopping will attract people to my website and guide its click my link to buy products, I think this conversion rate will be higher, because I usually love online shopping website.

in fact, from the beginning of the station to do Taobao customers when there is this idea, but because it is part-time, time is limited, so did not start the action. But later, some blogs blocked the Taobao link, but I was forced to build the road.

      3; for Internet users, the most critical issue is that if I do not need this page embedded advertising, but the mouse is easy to point up, then the ad pops up. I’m going to ask, why do you pop it out of my window? Responsible for advertising in websites and also in providing embedded advertising for web pages.

from the beginning to register the domain name that is now almost 5 months before the establishment of the station, as utterly ignorant of me, feeling really tired, in the site before the HTML even do not understand, can be said to be true from scratch. However, on the road of learning and building, it is happy and rewarding.

 :     recently read a web page of embedded ads, the first question associated with the question is: who owns the web window?


although this learning by doing really tired, a little details tend to spend a lot of time, but when a problem has a solution, when to learn a new knowledge, will make me happy for a long time, most people enjoy is little sense of accomplishment.

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