How the chain is the value chain to the site

two, the chain is


is also according to their own industry to release the chain, because the only way to make our site outside the chain.

believes that many webmaster have very big feeling for the chain, but two years ago, various forums, blogs, video website, web site favorites and so on places can be released, but in recent years more and place less and less, and the value chain of the increasingly low, we need to to consider the effect of the chain real this time, exactly what kind of chain is valuable to our website? Really can bring to the site of positive energy.

four, released the chain rule


for search engines, the chain is to a vote on the website, the site can be in many aspects of our exposure, help spiders better grab our website. A web page if you want to be the search engines, then must have the path to spiders, so when we do the site internal optimization, the chain can effectively promote the collection of our website page. Only included may get ranked in the search engines to get traffic.

, a chain of website optimization

many webmaster think the chain must be more than just good, but in fact is not so small, for example, if a site has 1000 chain, but the 1000 chain in only 100 different domain name released. Another site has 1000 different sites of the chain, then the same number, the quality is great as the latter. Because a vote in each domain actually represents the site of your site, so we are in the process of the construction of the chain must do wide net, not too single released.

three, outside the chainMany webmaster in

process chain released only released home address, but this approach is not very good. Anchor text, multi page link effectively can create better value, just a single page and bare chain, better than the anchor text and the multi page chain is far worse, and we do in the chain, as far as possible the release link key words some articles and Columns page so, not only can let the spider crawling, can also give these pages bring good weight, much better than single page.

on the site of our optimization procedure, we need to do two things, one is in the station optimization, two station optimization, usually refers to the station optimization of our site structure, source, content, chain layout, chain etc.. The station optimization is relatively single, usually known as the hair of the chain. We all know the station optimization and stood outside optimization are complementary to our website weight and ranking will play a vital role. So we do except in the station optimization, also want to do outside the station optimization.

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