Blog chain resources keep not vulnerable

2. blog Optimization: do the 2 links in a blog post, a pointer to a pointer to the blog page, page classification. The article can be inserted into the appropriate relevant pictures, increase the interest of readers.

1. is not Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Dragon: if a blog is just a few days to get outside the chain of resources, I’m afraid I The loss outweighs the gain. The ultimate purpose of raising blog should be drainage, it is clear to everyone, common is to step on someone else’s blog, more friends and so on. Through the message, to attract people to visit your blog. The key is whether your paper is attractive. First of all, to see your friend’s blog, best to write some comments. Don’t just leave a sentence: "good"

often listen to the supervisor and the predecessors said: "the blog chain resources to support the chain resources, the importance of the web site keywords ranking, I believe we all know. I also think a few Sina blog, but to keep for a long time, feeling a blog really difficult, the effect is not how. In fact, the website optimization friends all know, the main chain resources we use or blog. As for the other forums, like bookmarks chain type resources is still relatively small. But a blog will encounter a lot of problems, the author as a novice. To share a little experience on a blog, Sina blog for example:

even use false original tools, to find the article every day, and then add the anchor text. Finally released to the blog, it still needs to cost you a lot of time. More annoying is very boring, every day is to copy and paste, and a relatively long period to blog.


I have a few Sina blog, but just registered blog is not outside the chain, can Sina blog to say, first of all to the blog to level 3 or above, and then the appropriate chain. The new blog just registered outside the chain, it is difficult to be included in the love of Shanghai. At least this is Sina blog. Some blogs can’t write with advertising headlines, but large mainstream blog also so a few. Method to write a blog here, many people may know. However, new people may learn.


unless your blog is relatively old blog, otherwise it is easy to seal off. Of course, a blog also needs a lot of experience, try more. A good grasp of every blog "rules". Collection of the most vexing problem is the blog included is slow, it is very few. I feel so, maybe my blog was too short. In a blog is very tired, vulnerable. The blog also is worth having

1. source: if a few blogs, but also a day to write the original article, even so, for the novice is very difficult. To support large numbers of blogs can only use false original article, the first collection or to search online related articles, and then use the pseudo original tools.

can’t afford

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