Website optimization content construction must be clear why the theme

I recently in some individual stationmaster group of exchanges, found a lot of personal webmaster love throw their personal station for comments and some suggestions for improvement, "the little lost reptile also secretly at several stations, the site practices are almost same, in order to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, even on some key words the user through the search after coming, can not find really can solve the problem of the content is even more exaggerated hundreds of pages of the station, just covering multiple industries, the theme is unknown, even the front page title is ventilation, take some loopholes of homophonic practices, also only in the group said to do Shanghai dragon appeared confused, clamoring for suggestions, at the time I think life is forced to put these people occupation distorted it, perhaps to see the black hat practice The whole website is pieced together these practices, the result is neither fish nor fowl.

Chinese hundreds of millions of Internet users in the use of their search engine, they demand is various, like me, just come to National Day, 7 day long to go outside a vacation to relax will be quite good, this time I will search this information, choose travel routes the right, in accordance with the normal logic I will find some on the tourism community, some to share and recommend, then go to finalize the specific line after the Raiders, Raiders is to set the hotel, buy tickets, though it is just a trip around the tourist, but which involves three themes: sharing travel and travel Raiders, travel products booked, although a station can travel to aggregate the three big themes, but so far I haven’t found any company The relationship between our website can be very good to handle these three themes, even online tourism big boss "Ctrip" to do, basically are able to make some achievements in a certain aspect, the so-called industry specializing in surgery.

so I want to share this experience, but also to remind the webmaster, don’t forget to make a website’s original intention, content is the foundation, is the fundamental you keep users, is also the site of the value, not for the Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. At the beginning of the webmaster do a website, you can have a long-term plan, but the starting point must be designed and refined, not wide and back, the theme is not only to enhance the target user’s reading experience, to the search engine is to establish a good relationship of trust, this "lost little reptile from the two view of users and search engines to explain why the content construction must be clear theme.

A case study based on

share, is to show a clear theme of the website is to solve the real demands of a user, in order to solve the problem of the premise, in order to increase the user experience for the purpose of professional by one subject can set you in the heart of the user authority.


, a user perspective


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