Teach you how to improve keyword density


example: your keyword is "site optimization", you can set some such as "foreign trade website optimization", "enterprise website optimization" column.

Shenzhen and Shanghai Longfeng although there is a comma, but in the search engine, it is a key phrase.

key phrase: "

can add a hyperlink in the bottom of the website, a hyperlink in implantation keywords.

keyword density can be accepted by the search engine, and does not affect the readers? It will teach you how to quietly improve keyword density.

in the form of a list, repeat the keywords show in front of the search engine, but will not let the user feel disgusted.

in the article: "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon industry", "directional promotion team" words.

then we can write: "in Shenzhen, Shanghai dragon and the development of this industry is quite good, common Shanghai dragon company has directional promotion, XXX etc.."

Keywords: "Shanghai dragon, SEM".

for example, your goal is the key words: "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon, directional extension

For example: Shenzhen Shanghai dragon"

example: Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization shorthand, you can say the meaning of it, or in Chinese followed by a bracket on English tim.

7, get some long tail keywords.

related content

to the search engine, there is no punctuation are the same, but the reader can understand its meaning.

For example:

2, a list of writing.

8, English interactive.

we can write this at the bottom of the article: "more about website promotion information please click the" directional promotion of Shanghai Longfeng information columns ".

then we can write:

9, the pretext of pronouns.

4, will be distributed in different location page keywords.

6, get a

The use of How to add the For example:

, for example, in your article.

3, hyperlink implantation keywords.

Keywords: "directional promotion".

split key phrase

5, the words are separated into different pages on


can be distributed to different pages, each page optimization 2-3 key phrases.

You can get some

for example my words of "directional promotion", then I will respectively scattered places: title, author, and the internal links and so on, which appears in the article in the highest weight of keywords.

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