The actual record of 3 different types of 301 redirect

301 redirect

301 changes: Google 301 day website Asite home; love Shanghai finished 301 website A and B website ranking has 6 months, and close to.

love Shanghai "to do 301 redirection for thirteenth days, the weight of D site recovery, love Shanghai ranked comprehensive promotion. Because the site D is a idle site, so this period Guteng Shanghai dragon did not do content and the increase of the chain. It seems that the site D weight reply is because of the 301.

website E content to the two level directory, and revision of the top-level domain name (change the website system, template), Title Keyword description has not changed.

301 changes:

E is a video blog site, use is WordPress, WordPress is a blog system, with the function of stretched, more hateful is not collected. So the solitary rattan revision to him, to fly PHP television system to build the video station, because the site itself has a certain weight and ranking can also, for the right to be reduced the risk to a minimum, solitary rattan idea is: the blog content itself moved to the top level domain two level directory and, for all of the pages on the 301. Now there is no revision to do increase the chain.

website: love Shanghai Google ranking can also, the snapshot of

is the first 301 redirect



website: C web site 4 months Shanghai love is not included, Google is ranked 4, PR (the "Google Crazy: the 47 day of the new PR rose from 0 to 4"); the site is down right in D (site, domain are no longer love Shanghai home page, Google ranking PR,

"do 301 redirection in no content update and increase the chain case, 1 weeks D website ranking has improved, and the site A PR4 itself reduced to PR2 (PR hijacking)

301 after the change:

two websites A to do a 301 redirect to the two level domain name website B, two two level domain belong to a top-level domain

301 redirect



website: website A from the site the first time home page was not long included a variety of reasons right down, so the solitary rattan to built a two level directory, title, keyword distribution is exactly the same, want to test can change.

C301 website redirects to the D website, two web content is not coherent


solitary rattan (Guteng Shanghai Longfeng) made quite a number of times a 301 redirect, the type is not the same, here today to be a summary of experience to share.

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