The original deep connotation analysis so that the original function of fly

, the core content and original website key is closely related

two, original content has a certain value of

Since the launch of the original

most of the time we found that the content of a web site is included, the click rate is also good, but did not bring certain effect to the site traffic and improve customer loyalty or reprint rate increase, and even played a negative role, many in the original content below left a lot of abuse, think in this user’s IQ challenge. Because these so-called original content, it is all related to the content of the pseudo original content, the statement read very hard to pronounce, and unintelligible. Although such content in Shanghai love search engine was judged to be the original content, but did not achieve the original effect, this is actually the original value is low. The original value is mainly reflected in the role of helping users, to help users more, the original value will be higher.

three, the original content is easy to understand the experience of high

original content should also have user-friendly features, allowing users to read very freely, it is easy to be able to understand the connotation, and can therefore get help. In addition, the original content of the site also has a very good optimization effect. For a certain issue an original content can not be detailed, need a full range of articles were discussed, then the original content will provide extensions > related

original content is reflected in the value placed on different sites, if the recruitment website, the website content is placed entertainment type, even if the content is original, separate looks new view, the value is very high, but placed in the recruitment website, that is spam, for any recruitment websites not to play positive role. So the core keywords original content and website must have a close relationship. The recruitment website should be the content of the original recruitment information, and entertainment types of websites, such as DJ entertainment website, then put the original content information of DJ, and could not be released without other related content.

love Shanghai spark plan, more and more high degree of the original requirements of the site, then began to appear many recruitment website original content of part-time workers in many Webmaster Platform on. For example, 3 yuan to write 500 words of the original content. But the requirement is very low, is the love of Shanghai search can identify this is the original content on the line, the fluent degree and degree of significance are not what requirements. Although this article can also be regarded as the original love Shanghai, but for the website operation and how to produce the value of

in fact, this is all to the original connotation of the wrong understanding that the fundamental purpose of love Shanghai original spark program is to provide valuable content to the user site, there are more requirements for the content of the original value, rather than the original form. So a good original content should have the following requirements.


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