Before the construction of a website into the benefits and opportunity of Shanghai Dragon

the answer is of course as soon as possible, should confirm the website structure and function earlier than

points above mentioned, we must deeply understand the users search search your product with what keywords. Another worthy of our attention is the digital search keyword is " " also called " keyword popularity ". A keyword in the search box above the search number of the level, also means that the products on the Internet.


: then you may be asked not to have a website to do Shanghai dragon

used to have a travel agency customers told us that their main product is " Kunming Dahlia ". The Shanghai dragon project and adhere to the key. But when we analyze the actual use of keyword suggestion tool, found that users are searching for " " " Dali; Kunming; " " Lijiang " three key, no direct search " Kunming Dahlia " ", obviously; Kunming Dahlia " is not jargon, users of the language. Such a mistake too often! Only analysis clearly you can really grasp the Shanghai dragon, to the needs of users.

first Shanghai dragon or the first station or the revision which is a few of the issues involved, but also the key factors affecting the future station of Shanghai Longfeng effect.

slightly understand some Shanghai Longfeng customers will want to do together, the site erection and Shanghai Longfeng, so that can make Shanghai Longfeng effect faster, and eliminates the need for an extra cost or time, customers think is very reasonable.


2, users search behavior and keyword analysis

competitive analysis

your competitor is equivalent to entity on the Internet is not usually the competition?. The Internet is your new path, but also filled with different competitors. The first page of the Internet rivals with what kind of strategy in the snatch search results, why would they be ranked on the first page, how to go beyond them and so on issues, are you need to know.



product opportunities analysis

: Shanghai dragon play what role in the construction site to

yes, it is the first website, but set up optimization structure in accordance with the Shanghai dragon frame, if the site after the Shanghai dragon optimization can be change range is very small, when everything is a foregone conclusion, Shanghai dragon Er will be bound hand and foot, let the work difficulty is greatly improved. Total disinfection reduced.



Shanghai Longfeng is indeed is the most time-saving and labor-saving when website construction or site revision of the early intervention. However, the site built, what time Shanghai dragon in the best

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