2012 love Shanghai has changed the webmaster how to change

simple summary:

"love Shanghai artificial intervention" this word is known, should be in love Shanghai PPC events. A lot of PPC and old customers complained because they stopped bidding, so loved Shanghai artificial drop right. Although this matter finally to come out – PPC was love Shanghai to grab a cause outside the chain, then stop bidding after the chain one hundred thousand tens of thousands or even disappear, eventually leading to these customers site is down right. Although the proof of love Shanghai indeed in this matter is not what the hands and feet, but at least people know the concept of artificial intervention.

: "love Shanghai quality search results in all efforts to improve their" quality "- share number, reflux times, bounce rate the three points has obvious effect on weight. A widely spread content, may not be a good content, but there is no doubt.

, that is to say, in 2012, fell in love with the sea factors ranking, given more social, trusted, old site, the user experience is good". But more or less to abandon the "pseudo original, Jianwai chain, poor user experience".

is the web search leader, Shanghai love nature is to set the rules of the game right. And as Shanghai dragon Er us, in order to play the game, too much need to abide by the rules. 2012, love Shanghai to change a tough, new algorithm frequently shot, we should how to do? Go?

love Shanghai

is still the same?The new algorithm:

according to our understanding, love in Shanghai share the official website called "bring you more traffic" is such a meaning:

in the field trip, the latest news on the Internet a day without. Open the computer to see in the hotel, found that the so-called "love Shanghai artificial intervention". For the love of Shanghai manual intervention, engaged in Shanghai Dragon technology industry friends should has long experience, that is simple: "because you did not follow my rules of play, so I’m sorry you lost the game status".

at the beginning of 2012, fell in love with the sea heavy attack, launched the "Shanghai love to share". As a listed company performance pressure, launched a free tool, with the intention of only one: through this free auxiliary products, strengthen the other profitable product advantage. Love Shanghai share exactly can improve keyword rankings? The answer is not negative. But how much effect? Please refer to just drop the right ZAC "Shanghai daily" a dragon.

users browse the site – share – +1 – new user search keywords results – see recommendation will give the site more trust into the website – good content to continue to read more pages / poor content close to exit (responsible for the love Shanghai Statistics) – ranked factors.

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