Specification for Shanghai dragon market Google Adsense nstitute on the line

Webmaster Academy is to deal with more and more companies of Shanghai Longfeng enterprise users. These business users as a basis in Shanghai Longfeng aspects are relatively poor, so the electronic commerce business to Shanghai dragon company, and some irresponsible companies in Shanghai dragon to help customers improve ranking, in order to achieve the requirements of the commitment to the chain group, spam, link farms by search engine to resist.

in order to allow enterprises to understand and correct operation of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, combined with the algorithm recently Google frequent change, Google Adsense, came into being.

baby aristocracy

It should be said that the launch of the Google

Webmaster Tool (Administrator Tool): mainly involves Google webmaster tools and how to use it.

Welcome to Webmaster Academy Our goal is to help! You create great sites that perform well in search results.

& You (Google baby aristocracy; and your:6 knowledge) and how the main working principle, Google makes Google included, the influence factors of ranking, the one and only create the contents, pictures and videos, links to the noble baby Plus and other content.

as the webmaster of the contents of the current college or English, English is not good for some domestic enterprises and Shanghai dragon reading up to a certain.

administrator tools and tutorials that are scattered, the less experienced webmaster system is very difficult to learn how to do the search engine friendly, so Google in various aspects of the proposal, the introduction of the webmaster Institute (Webmaster Academy).

welcome to the webmaster, our goal is to help you create a Google search results in the good performance of the website.

college has set up three themes, respectively is You, Webmaster noble baby & Tool and Business, there are a number of knowledge points in each subject, a total of 19 knowledge points; each knowledge point has a number of sub item. Where:


Business (business): the main business and related products and website optimization.

Google Due to various

in May 22, 2012 (U.S. time) in Webmaster Tools (webmaster. noble baby贵族宝贝 launched a new webmaster) in college. The purpose is to help site owners and managers to create a search engine oriented and user friendly websites.

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