How to treat the 5.20 love Shanghai big update

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1, if the decline in ranking is only an individual phenomenon that really need to worry about, but the 99% rankings are out, this is not an individual phenomenon, so we can boldly concluded that it was a love of Shanghai’s big adjustment, the cycle is expected to be 3~5 days, if you always in white hat optimization technique your site has been to Shanghai dragon user experience as the core, then the normal Sunday ranking will recover.

2, careful people will find this one up is big web blog, information publishing platform, as well as the product of love in Shanghai, all the people in the speculation is not love for Shanghai station and some old domain name with special respect? The author not to regard it as right because there are still some age, not long a website ranking stable, even love Shanghai side major station is not easy, this is a long process, we must consider the user experience.

finally, I want to say in the ranking out this is not a bad thing, but is a good thing, because in a baptism of this process, we will find that those who still ranked as solid as rocks website, and the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques is that we should learn to like. Quote: "when you forget to seriously do when Shanghai Longfeng station, perhaps Shanghai dragon will follow beside you.


today is the 5.20 day of Shanghai, romantic love is not romantic, woke up to find that several of his station as well as customer website ranking all out, even a strong competitor website ranking also fell, my first reaction is that this is not an individual phenomenon, and the webmaster forum and Shanghai Phoenix Forum on a cry, many workers have disappeared in Shanghai Longfeng between complain about their ranking night. How should we look at love Shanghai this update

3, so now we do not blindly, not complaining, nor doubt yourself, we have to wait, at their own pace, the hair of the chain of the chain, the update of the normal update, adjust their mentality, maintaining the status quo of Shanghai love.

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