Shanghai Longfeng novice how to learn Shanghai Longfeng for beginners

2, want to stand in the topic and keyword layout (column, three labels)

3, a site for construction of internal and external chain

(Shanghai Longfeng beginners lack of experience with carefully read:

of course, I don’t have to write the most basic things, a Shanghai dragon who should know how to learn, how to learn, corresponding to a novice, just contact Shanghai dragon is very passionate and energetic, after a period of study and their application and it is easy to feel puzzled and confused at a loss, especially the ranking didn’t go up, it is easy to lead to earlier Shanghai dragon passion disappeared,

in the blind I said )

2, how to plan

novice to comply with three points:


Oh! Why today will suddenly write this topic? How to learn new Shanghai dragon? Must have a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice should understand Shanghai dragon learning process, why I emphasize again Shanghai Longfeng learning process, it is because many novice in contact with the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon in this line, the concept is made outside the chain, write original articles, for friends of the chain, and so on.

is the biggest reason is when you have problems do not know how to solve, the general will only ask yourself when the initial Shanghai dragon teacher, or friends, I want to say is that the knowledge of others forever just for others, for he did not really want to study? Of course, I can not say of what you do not understand, every day there is no purpose to study, (such as your website ranking 3 months did not go up, you have not thought about this kind of optimization methods, are not suitable for this station?) you want to know, maybe you can move a Shanghai Dragon Technology step.



will first give some professional terms in Shanghai Longfeng clear, such as what is outside the chain, what is the anchor text, what is the robot file and so on. The Shanghai dragon basic terminology to understand for the future lay a good foundation for website optimization. Conscientiously do the details of each plan, so that it is possible to meet the actual problem (the problem can be solved) there is a lot to communicate, so there will be progress, rather than ask others how to improve your website and how to improve the weight and flow of these virtual things.

1, the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon when

when you understand the general optimization direction, will be targeted to do Shanghai dragon for the website to do, but don’t always think that no matter what my website is in accordance with the machine to operate, so the Shanghai dragon optimization not tired, don’t let yourself feel


the following points:

1, the first step in the diagnosis of their own website, planning the layout of the site such as

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