The establishment of the website system for the whole process of keyword analysis



sample data

in the construction of key words in the actual system, because there is a clear purpose, so the use of a variety of keyword mining tools is the most convenient way. According to the "site optimization" of the word, the following keywords respectively using Google keyword tool and related keywords a local mining program for large-scale mining, these two tools are more representative in the construction of the system of key words.

there are many enthusiastic friends to write the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon tools, Jinhua tool is one of the key words. This tool can automatically query the index, Shanghai love love Shanghai related search keywords, and contains the search data synthesis of other search engines, also provides keyword competition scores and keyword value score. As shown below, in the "key" project to fill the "site optimization", click start to search.

love to Shanghai as an example, search "site optimization", 7 recorded before the search results are obtained as follows:

, a tool for mining "site optimization" keyword

Hello, I am the future. Relative to the theme of the site to determine, construction of system is more detailed, it not only determines the specific content of the construction of the future direction of the website, but also determines the following details of the optimization measures of planning and implementation. Today I will bring you the whole process of keywords analysis system, following a keyword "on our website in the website optimization" as an example, using the related case to analyses for everybody. "Site optimization" this kind of subject matter, has always been a popular theme website. For this kind of theme is wide and the fierce competition of the vocabulary construction site, it is important to establish the system of perfect keywords. The specific process is as follows:

two, the competition website keyword analysis

2, the extraction of domain independent and domain

Keywords mining tool

through mining to compare the whole, but sometimes there will be missing, so the need for a competitor’s site analysis, leak filled.



in the above list, according to the website size and other conditions, screened in front of 10 or 20 separate sites, two level domain name, as the main competitor analysis, get the new.

1, acquiring competitors list

keyword tool

Google keyword tool is a keyword webmasters often use mining tools, as shown below, in the "words or phrases" fill in "site optimization", can be given by Google keyword list.

1, Google keyword tool

2, Jinhua

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