Keywords the content page ranking is more webmaster to study

we can even analysis of key words appear, whether the bold and so on, these are worthy of our analysis. Do Shanghai dragon in addition to the two large to update articles and release the chain, there are a lot of things are worth learning and research; love Shanghai algorithms are constantly changing, we can only find some time to change and the rule of the search engine, can make our website optimization of the original article from 2012 the better! The new song www.yy789贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! read more

Love the sea K station which site the most injured Do SEM is more important than the Shanghai Dragon

two: good SEM is more important than the Shanghai dragon

: the love sea K station, which was the most

recently webmaster circles discussed the most is "love the sea K station" this thing, sparked love Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28 two anti spam updates, love Shanghai this update according to the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control, no original or false original low quality part of the site was even K. Some owners was very grievances, and gathered together to discuss that love Shanghai". For this thing, I have to talk about their own views. read more

On page three label design user experience is king

website program, can set three labels, which three label? Is the title tag (title), (keywords) Keywords tag and description tag (DESCRIPTIOM). Many owners ignore the three labels, or very simple set. Do website optimization to the forum is not illegal. The three label is your website to the search engine’s dialogue tool, but also the user in the search engine first to see your website impression, there are two of them:


tag: today Shanghai dragon topic

users have been feeling very tired in the search engine’s vast sea of Chinese characters, we can be appropriate to add some special characters: * * *, etc., is a very good choice, enough to make the user’s attention away from your competitors in the text, this is the user experience. As for how to attract users, I believe that this problem is not to the webmaster. We can see from the two major search engines of 628 actions, the user experience is the most concerned about the search engine. read more

Optimization of large web sites

1) structure optimization: some of the most basic needs to be done, for example: will not exclude, do the site map page to the search engine fully included, the article page within the chain number control and improve the correlation with nofollow; secondly, how to effectively transfer the weight in the internal web site, and through the chain promote reasonable use many of the long tail word single page ranking ability, is the key to optimize the structure of the

Optimization of

code optimization: large website content variety, home page, column page page not only to simplify, reasonable layout, but also to focus, and will be independent of the content or repetitive code to a minimum. Note: the page code from the search engine must be easy to understand the point of arrangement of each content block sequence, and the proper use of HTML tags to guide analysis page search engine. read more

Join the website of Shanghai dragon optimization how to write this off content


column page we sometimes not from mining, may the article page on the column page keywords to the home page or column page keywords to go above. Because here we can see the 58 city sites. It is not very clear, the above description give you written, we can refer to. The following attribute column page keywords, keywords, local industry keywords, through these 3 points can be brought into full play, practicality is very good.


love Shanghai know the huge flow, you can directly see the effect. read more

Love Shanghai share should pay attention to what

4. share after entering the site is best to open several pages on your site, do not enter the website began to share share after leaving the site, after spending time in less than 10 seconds, this share is low quality, if there are a large number of such share, so the data utilization rate is not too high.

yesterday to see an article "how much love Shanghai website optimization share", describing the importance of sharing the love of Shanghai. So today Peng Jinjie would tell us how to love Shanghai share, we share in Shanghai sex should pay attention to what? read more

The pure text links to Shanghai dragon three function optimization

pure text links is called to display the URL of the domain name registration form, just like the stationmaster, are registered by combining the type of site keywords, through the natural domain name can also know what type of website belongs to. Even if not through hyperlinks, as long as the release of text links plus the name of the site, also can let users know their site types, but also through the promotion of a wide range of your site can be more effective to allow the user to remember your site, to visit the website by entering the URL in the form, of course it takes your domain name easy a short and easy to remember. Like Baidu, 163, Sina, soso and so on, a look at the URL you know what website. So, ten thousand steps back, even if the pure text links can improve the site’s ranking, for users to remember the URL directly enter the URL to access Web site is also a very big role. And the large-scale promotion of its own web site, can make a web site since the formation of a brand, it is very effective to search engine even if it does not depend on can get traffic. read more

Love Shanghai station under the new regulations should do fine as long

. In the continuous update, website content has become the most important thing. But many owners did not care, because your own website, a wide range of industry hot, want to get an easy. In fact, this is not very good, because the hot industry articles, even large sites, many of them are pieced together, but most of them are talking with some little speak generally. The search engine is too large, the homogeneity of the article, is not welcome. Under the new rules of the site should be more in-depth to explore some industry knowledge. In the "user experience" as the core of the new regulations, as many users sort out some common problems, do the answer is more appropriate. After all, many sites are in outline, talk about product features and so on. But the real for having heard it many times, to grasp the needs of users, different content, will let you get unexpected results. read more

mprove web site chain optimization on the

website: website refers to the correlation correlation between the relative content of the website, such as the web experience sharing, this life encyclopedia > two

website optimization, is nothing more than content, the chain, the chain of three categories, the contents of the original, outside the chain of high quality, reasonable in the chain are three elements to enhance the website weight, the content and the chain is not today’s main content, so there is no longer described today and talk talk in the chain optimization the problem. Keywords within the chain refers to the website content page in the station to the URL link, this link in the beginning is to achieve the purpose of related content with jump, search engine promotion, within the chain is to enhance the user experience and improve an effective tool in the spider crawl, do Shanghai dragon, in the chain is considered to be a noticeable content. read more

Looking for a few ways to the exchange of a chain

however, when exchanging links, must open your eyes, a good Links, will bring you the weight, will bring you flow. But a bad link will drag you down, or even reduce the weight of your web site.

three, through our own website belongs to the search engine industry, such as: my site is visa website, then I enter the visa, then there is a visa website, we click into other sites, in general, if the owners need to Links will leave contact information on the website of the at the bottom. It is to achieve a kind of method we find friends chain. read more