Eddie Brown under pressure: Axe falls

first_imgWetherby-based Eddie Brown Tours Ltd is embroiled in fresh mystery after suddenly stopping all of its bus services last week, without notice.While its coach operation continues, a new company – Eddie Brown Travel Ltd – which was incorporated on 14 October, has applied for a 50-vehicle O-Licence, leading to speculation about the firm’s future.Both firms are owned by Barbados-based Island Fortitude, which also owns dealership Kinglong Direct and a number of other coach and bus operators. The owners of Island Fortitude remain a closely-guarded secret.Both Eddie Brown companies are using the same Thorp Arch Industrial Estate address in the West Yorkshire town.The Central Licensing Office is currently awaiting further documentation from the new company before referring the application for a decision. Late afternoon on 9 December, Eddie Brown Tours told North Yorkshire County Council that it would not be able to operate some contracted services with “immediate effect” including four school services and the local bus services 56, 56A, 57, 57A, 58, 142 and 143.Faced with this short notice, the council managed to arrange emergency cover for routes 636H, 645H, 653H, 57A and 56A by York Pullman, 644H by Procters, 57A by Harrogate & District Travel and 142 and 143 by Connexions (Harrogate Coach Travel).On 11 and 12 December the council managed to cover local services on routes 56, 56A, 57, 57A and 58 with joint working by York Pullman, Harrogate & District Travel and its own county council fleet, but was unable to operate any services on Saturday (13 December).A long-standing family firm, Eddie Brown ran into financial trouble earlier in the yearand was sold to a ‘mystery investor’. At the time it was denied that this was Island Fortitude, despite this subsequently having been revealed to be the case. Despite repeated attempts, Company Director and Transport Manager Gary Priest has not returned calls or e-mails. The other Director, Deirdre Brown is also not available, and understood to be on ‘gardening leave’.last_img read more

Goodyear provides the full package for operators to maintain optimum tyre safety

first_imgGoodyear provides a full package of products and services to coach and bus operators across Europe.As a leader in innovation, Goodyear has a specific range of products for coaches and buses in the shape of Goodyear Urbanmax.The Goodyear UrbanMax Technology is a specific combination of innovative technology materials, dedicated tread patterns and durable carcass construction perfect for usage on coaches and buses.This combination enhances year round tyre performance for better fleet efficiency, including the capability for regrooving and retreading.As carriers of over 50 people at any one time, choosing the right tyre is of utmost importance to ensure performance and safety for operators.Choosing the right tyre also needs to be teamed with maintaining tyres correctly.Goodyear offers a full service provision in the shape of TruckForce.TruckForce provides a local service partner who understands the demands on coach and bus operators and the environment in which they operate.It provides a 24/7 service, 365 days a year whether it is needed locally, regionally or nationally.TruckForce offers enhanced tyre husbandry and roadside assistance support, which means that operators can proactively reduce any tyre related downtime of their vehicles, resulting in better service to their customers.www.truckforce.co.uklast_img read more

£1bn Thames tunnel plan approved

first_imgSecretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling has given the go-ahead for a new twin-road tunnel beneath the River Thames.The Silvertown Tunnel will link the Royal Docks with the Greenwich Peninsula, and will cut congestion and ease pressure on the Blackwall Tunnel, says Transport for London.Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he was “delighted”.Green Party London Assembly member Caroline Russell accused transport authorities of “ignoring our fears over worsening London’s terrible air pollution”.”New roads attract new traffic, pollute the air and are incredibly expensive… Londoners need healthy streets where they can trust the air they breathe.”The No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign group said the approval “sends a terrible message to the wider world: That London is closed to new thinking on how to deal with congestion”.Tolls are expected to be in operation when it plans to open in 2023.last_img read more

Stagecoach backs vision to make Perth ‘Europe’s most sustainable small city’

first_imgStagecoach supports conference’s vision to inspire green roadmap for Perth, looking to sustainability leaders across EuropeStagecoach has announced it is to act as headline sponsor for an international online conference in Perth next week, which aims to inspire a vision to make Perth – where the company was founded and is headquartered – ‘Europe’s most sustainable small city’.The conference is organised by the Perth City Leadership Forum and will showcase case studies from across Europe, examining the cities of Copenhagen, Malmo and Ghent and the Finnish town of li. Topics to be examined include the development of traffic-free city centres, carbon neutrality and 15-minute neighbourhoods.“We were founded in Perth 40 years ago and we are proud of our continuing strong links with the city and wider region,” says Stagecoach Chief Executive Martin Griffiths. “Perth has all the qualities needed to become Europe’s most sustainable small city, and in Stagecoach and renewable energy company SSE, has two major businesses with huge expertise to help make this happen.”Case studies of Europe’s sustainability leaders will be examined, which include Copenhagen, Malmo, Ghent and li.Mr Griffiths add: “The transport choices we all make are fundamental to delivering a greener, healthier and more prosperous future for Perth and other cities across the country as we look to build back better from the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to support this major international conference and we look forward to playing a big part in the conversation on how we achieve the city’s vision.”Stagecoach: 40 years of sustainabilityEarlier this month Stagecoach called for an air quality focus as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations. The company claims to have invested more than £1bn in 7,000 greener vehicles over the past decade, while cutting carbon emissions from its own businesses by 14% in the last five years.Delegates can register for the conference through the Perth City Leadership Forum’s website.last_img read more

Hopes for a sector-specific deal take hit in Baroness Vere keynote address

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Tension Brewing Between NE Indiana Newspaper and Councilman Over Campaign Mailer

first_img Facebook Twitter By Darrin Wright – November 7, 2019 0 371 Google+ Google+ Pinterest Previous articleBenton Harbor High School has New PrincipalNext articleMan sentenced in March fatal crash Darrin Wright WhatsApp IndianaNews Tension Brewing Between NE Indiana Newspaper and Councilman Over Campaign Mailer Facebook (Jeff Neumeyer/WPTA) An editorial from the Journal Gazette is calling out Fort Wayne City Councilman Jason Arp for what the publisher calls “disappointing and inappropriate” campaign mailers.Publisher Julie Inskeep said in an open letter yesterday that an ad featuring Arp holding a baseball bat with the phrase “beat the media” made repeated references to the Journal Gazette by name and implicitly invited violence.She criticized Arp for using such imagery just over a year after the murders of five staff members of a newspaper in Maryland, perpetrated by a man upset with that newspaper’s coverage.“At best, it was disappointing and inappropriate, especially from an elected official,” Inskeep wrote. “Do you not remember the murders of five staff members and the wounding of two others at The Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, just over a year ago? The alleged shooter in that case, angry with the newspaper’s coverage, pleaded guilty to the shootings just last Monday… Why would you tie your campaign message to the bat-wielding photo and language that not so covertly invited violence?”Arp says the ad, mailed to homes after the Journal Gazette endorsed his opponent, was meant to invoke the image of a baseball card and was not about inciting violence, but instead about the fact that the newspaper had his opponent in four different races.“If you look at the card closely, it looks like a baseball card, and going four for four, like in a baseball game. Four hits, four pitches, and so, we did it. Four wins, alright,” Arp said. Twitter Pinterest WhatsApplast_img read more

Bacon and football, a match made in heaven! Recipes with Carl Stutsman

first_img Pinterest Facebook Previous articleSouth Bend sets 2020 parking ticket amnesty datesNext articleStudent homelessness increases throughout U.S. Carl Stutsman IndianaLocalMichiganNewsSports Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp Twitter Candied Bacon cr. Carl Stutsman So you are hosting a Super Bowl part this weekend? Nothing keeps people coming back like innovative ways to include bacon in some everyday favorites. 95.3 MNC’s Carl Stutsman, who fancies himself quite the foodie, is sharing some of his favorite recipes in time for the big game!Carl’s Must Have Super Bowl Bacon Recipes WhatsApp Carl’s Candied Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno’s ( difficulty medium)Jalapeno’s, Cream Cheese, Bacon, Spears, Grill*if preferred not candied skip step 3 and bake a regular sheet pan of baconCut jalapenos in half and scoop out seedsFill Jalapenos with Cream CheeseCover baking sheet in tin foil and place bacon width ways across. Cover bacon in Brown Sugar and place in the oven to bake 375 degrees (for sake of the grilling let the bacon be a little underdone before pulling it out)Let the bacon coolPlace the end of a spear through the end of a piece of bacon, and push through jalapeno length wise.Wrap bacon around jalapenos and pierce the end of the bacon with the spear on the other end of the jalapeño to hold in placeGrill until Jalapenos start to look wrinkly but aren’t quite soft, grill marks are a good sign (WARNING THERE WILL BE FLARE UPS)Carl’s Famous Sliders (difficulty medium)2lbs Ground Chuck (more if desired), Bacon, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Griddle (preferred Grill ok) Sweet Hawaiian RollsBake a whole sheet pan of Bacon (375 for 15 minutes or until crisp—let rest before next step)Cover cookie sheet in tin foil and place ground chuck on pan.Use rolling pin (or bottle) to flatten and spread ground chuck evenly across the pan.Spread spices evenly across whole pan. Place hole piece of bacon across half of the pan (hamburger style)Fold ground chuck over itself by grabbing the tin foil on the end without baconPress down firmly on the newly formed triangle of meaty goodness before using the rolling pan to spread it out just a little bit more.Use a spoon to crimp edges so it doesn’t come apart while cookingCut meat into square grid and cook the individual pieces on a griddle top to desired donenessSet oven to 200 and place Hawaiian rolls on the top rack to warm, only takes a few minutesTo prepare cut rolls in half and use as buns. ALWAYS put mayo on the bottom bun before adding slider the fattiness of the mayo prevents burger juice from leaking from burger into bun Facebook Twitter Bacon and football, a match made in heaven! Recipes with Carl Stutsman Google+ Carl Cookies (difficulty easy)Bacon, Tollhouse Cookies (pull apart squares), and Cinnamon rollsBake a whole sheet pan of Bacon (375 for 15 minutes or until crisp—let rest before next step)Grease a pie pan for cinnamon rolls (pro tip- use butter to grease and it caramelizes the bottom of the cinnamon rolls)Cut bacon pieces in half, and place two half pieces on top of each cinnamon rollPlace pull apart cookie square on top cinnamon roll/baconBake to recommended cinnamon roll time. (cookies may be goes)Cover Carl Cookies with icingCarl’s Classic Marinara (difficulty medium)5-6 Fresh Tomatoes, Bacon, Fresh Garlic, Salt/Pepper/Oregano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 cans of tomato paste, 1 large onionMarinaraCut Tomatoes in half and place into a pyrex pan. Drizzle olive oil over tomatoes, and coat with salt, pepper and oregano. Place in oven to roast at 375 for 20 minutes or until tops of tomatoes begin to crispTake 6-8 (more if desired) pieces of uncooked bacon and dice into pieces. Take garlic and dice into pieces. Dice onions into small pieces. Add both to stock pot with butter to allow to cook. Let this cook on low until the tomatoes are finished.Add can(s) of tomato paste to stock pot and simmer(1 or 2 cans depending on desired amount)Add tomatoes to stick pot and smash into paste (immersion blender works best, hand blender if needed)Add spices as desiredReduce to desired thickness (add bacon grease to thin if needed)Moz Sticks (if wanted) Follow this link: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/23596/fried-mozzarella-cheese-sticks/ By Carl Stutsman – January 31, 2020 0 568 last_img read more

Pause for reflection

first_imgHorror over the way the princess met her death has understandably stirred up a wave of anti-press sentiment and reinforced the concerns of those who have long felt that the excesses of the media should be curbed. But Europe’s politicians should beware of rushing into over-hasty action.First, as many have acknowledged in the days since the accident, France has the toughest privacy laws in Europe and yet this did not deter the photographers who set off in pursuit of the princess and her companion as they left the Ritz Hotel in Paris last weekend. Given that, it is questionable whether any new EU laws in this area would actually work.Secondly, it has since emerged that other factors may have played a key role in the events leading up to the accident, with the news that the driver of the princess’ car had over three times more alcohol in his bloodstream than is legally permitted in France and reports that the vehicle was travelling at more than 190 kilometres an hour when the accident occurred. It is likely to be some time before a clear picture of precisely what happened emerges. It is surely essential to wait until all the facts are known before deciding what action, if any, to take to prevent similar tragedies in future. Thirdly, those who are in the forefront of the campaign for a swift response to last weekend’s events should be wary of introducing measures which would not only curb the worst excesses of the media, but might also place overburdensome restrictions on the legitimate activities of the press – activities which play a crucial part in the life of democratic nations.Those calling for Europe-wide action should also stop and think about the consequences of trying to lay down uniform rules to govern the behaviour of the media in 15 EU member states with different styles of reporting, different traditions and different attitudes to the activities of the press. Much has been made in recent years of the need to respect and maintain the EU’s cultural diversity, of which the media is a vital part.This is not to say that nothing should be done, but simply that the temptation to rush into a knee-jerk response is understandable but should be resisted. The events of the last week have cast a dark shadow over people in the UK and beyond. It is a time for quiet reflection.last_img read more

Other civil servants seek the voters’ endorsement

first_imgNick Clegg, from Trade Commissioner Sir Leon Brittan’s cabinet, is also likely to be elected as a Liberal Democrat MEP this year under the new system of proportional representation which is planned to be introduced for Euro-elections in the UK despite a constitutional tussle between the two houses of parliament.last_img

VIEWPOINT – Who’s afraid of the big bad EU? The Poles may be, but both sides have much to gain.

first_imgShould Poland fail to be admitted – in the first group at that, and as the best of them all – it would be a blow to the national dignity. But, to these same people, joining the EU is also the equivalent of submission to a European colonial empire, and a de facto end to the Polish state and separate cultural identity. The ideal solution: Poland ought to gain admission but should then proudly refuse membership.Recent opinion polls suggest that should an EU accession referendum come today, over 60% of Poles would cast a positive vote. That said, since 1999, when Poland became a member of NATO, attitudes to EU membership have radically changed.A sense of security and protection against potential threats from Russia has spawned a view of European unity narrowed down to economic aspects: a free trade zone, a source of subsidies and Common Agricultural Policy payments. But such a depreciation of the Union is not a Polish fault. Poles are only toeing today’s EU line. Past generations of European visionaries, such as Kohl and Mitterrand, let alone Schuman, have given way to a generation of accountants in European politics.Under no circumstances will anyone give up on a single euro in order to bring about the realisation of a historic vision. There are always elections looming in one or another member state and politicians speak for domestic audiences, causing terror in candidate states, as happened recently with German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.The Polish government is currently conducting a broad propaganda effort in favour of EU membership.It is focused on economic benefits and the euro. TV and radio spots speak of the usefulness of the euro, largely from the viewpoint of tourists who no longer need to exchange national currencies. It is a bit too little and too shallow.The most important, purely rational argument for EU membership is absent from this particular action, as from the whole European debate: Union legislation affects Poland even when it remains on the outside, so it is better to be inside and have a say about it, rather than be subjected to it, while standing apart. If you can’t beat them, join them.Poland is saturated with fears of the Union, perceived as a bloated bureaucracy, issuing detailed instructions and directives on the smallest issue. Incidental absurdities from Brussels are much better known to an average Pole than EU decision structures, their real capabilities and their real, positive achievements, with the most important of them – deflecting national rivalries onto the plain of discussion – and the difficult, but gradually attained, liberalisation of all markets. This is hardly mentioned. People are always thrilled to hear about proverbial norms of the curvature of cucumbers, the number of onion peels, or European tribunal rulings, such as the one that a nightshirt is a garment whose features suggest that it is used at night. Someone has cleverly noticed that this definition also applies to a tuxedo shirt…Conversely, within the Union a widely shared opinion holds that Poland and other new members will be a very costly acquisition, seriously straining the Union’s budget. Fears are voiced about the stability of the EU’s finances and possible strains on its economy. Such fears are shared by both net payers and beneficiaries. The former are worried about higher burdens, the latter about fewer subsidies.One can only reflect again that it is the effect of the narrowing of the European Union to its financial aspects, and point out that these fears are the strongest in Germany, the very member state which economically stands to gain the most from enlargement.Most Poles approach their access to the European Union in terms of historic justice: they are returning to Europe, which they have never left, but from which they have been cordoned off. Perhaps the most valuable thing they will bring into the Union is the belief that, despite the accountant mentality of politicians and the media, the European Union simply means Europe.Something more than the budget, the Common Agricultural Policy, or norms of milk purity – The Fatherland of Nations.Maciej Rybinski is senior columnist and commentator for Rzeczpospolita, the leading Polish newspaper, and screenwriter of the Polish TV series “Alternatywy 4” (Four alternatives).last_img read more