Schutt Selected to Fill In for Steenson as HD 8 Legislator

first_imgThe Flathead County Commission has appointed Bryan Schutt as the interim legislator for Kalispell’s House District 8. Schutt, a Democrat running for the HD 8 seat in November, was chosen during an August 2 meeting to fill in for Cheryl Steenson, the former legislator holding the seat, after she resigned her post in July to take a teaching job in Colombia. Secretary of State Linda McCulloch received Steenson’s letter of resignation July 20. State law mandates that when a legislator steps down or is otherwise unable to perform their duties, the county central committee of the lawmaker’s party, in this case Democrats, provides the county commission with a list of three nominees to fill the vacancy within 45 days. The commission must make its selection within 15 days of receiving that list and notify the secretary of state. Since Joe Brenneman is the sole Democrat serving on the county commission, the other commissioners deferred to him, allowing him to choose from a list that also named Eve Dixon and John de Neeve. According to a letter from Scott Wheeler, chairman of the Flathead County Democratic Party, the three names were voted on with secret ballots during a recent meeting of the central committee. Schutt found out two days later he had been appointed the interim HD 8 representative, and as of last week had not yet taken his oath of office. Though some legislative committees are holding hearings in the interim before the next session, in January, Steenson’s seat on the House Appropriations Committee is not scheduled to meet – which means Schutt might not have that much to do. “It’s quite possible that there may be no legislative duties between now and Nov. 3,” Schutt said. House District 8, which encompasses downtown Kalispell, regularly swings from Democratic to Republican control. In 2008 Steenson defeated incumbent Republican Craig Witte by just 14 votes, evidence that even a small advantage could be helpful in winning the seat. But Schutt said he was concerned, should he be listed as an incumbent on the ballot in November, it could prove a disadvantage in the current electoral climate. “I didn’t want the position if it was listed as ‘incumbent,’ because I think it’s going to be a tough year on incumbents,” he said. (Schutt will not be listed as an incumbent.) With the House currently split 50-50, virtually any House race could hand either party the majority, making HD 8 a key election. Despite what is likely to be a close election, both Schutt’s opponents – Republican Steve Lavin and Independent Bill Jones said they felt the legislative vacancy had been handled properly. “I expected it,” Lavin said. “I believe it would have been the same way if a Republican would have stepped away from the seat.” “I feel it’s good the Flathead’s represented; I would encourage him to start attending committee hearings,” Jones said. “What would be inappropriate would be to let it sit there blank.” As for whether holding the seat for a few months could give him an edge, Schutt wasn’t sure. “How many people will it influence?” Schutt said. “Eh. Maybe a few – but a few can be all it takes to win HD 8.” Stay Connected with the Daily Roundup. Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of the Beacon delivered every day to your inbox. Emaillast_img read more

Yellowstone Club Founder Blames Lawyer for Woes

first_img Stay Connected with the Daily Roundup. Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of the Beacon delivered every day to your inbox. Email BILLINGS – The founder of Montana’s exclusive Yellowstone Club claims in a new lawsuit that he was betrayed by his ex-attorney in a civil fraud case that resulted in a $40 million judgment against him.Resort developer Tim Blixseth also accuses former attorney Stephen Brown of participating in a plot to blame the club’s 2008 bankruptcy on Blixseth, who has spent much of the past three years refuting allegations he looted the club before it spiraled almost $400 million into debt.In a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday in Missoula, Blixseth said he was seeking at least $375 million in damages against Brown and others he says conspired against him.Brown on Thursday denied any liability on the part of himself or his Missoula law firm, Garlington, Lohn and Robinson.“We will file a formal response,” Brown said. “There’s going to be a lot of disputed things in there.”It’s not the first time Blixseth has blamed others for his legal and financial problems of the last few years, a period that saw his reported net worth drop from more than $1 billion to $230 million.Blixseth has tried unsuccessfully to get the federal judge overseeing some of his cases disqualified for alleged bias. He has accused the club’s financial backers of setting the resort up to fail. And he has suggested Montana’s governor participated in a wide-ranging plot to strip him of control of the club.The claims against Brown include legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and conspiracy.Other defendants named in the case are current club owner Sam Byrne of CrossHarbor Capital Partners, several attorneys connected to the club’s bankruptcy and their firms.“What these lawyers did is unconscionable and unethical,” Blixseth said in a statement. “With a wink and a nod, they allowed a built-in conflict of interest to harm me.”Blixseth made hundreds of millions of dollars off the ski and golf resort before giving it up during his divorce. Three months later, the club was bankrupt, unable to repay debts including the bulk of a $375 million loan Blixseth arranged for the club through Credit Suisse.Most of that loan was passed to Tim Blixseth and ex-wife Edra Blixseth.At the time, according to Tim Blixseth’s lawsuit, Brown signed off on the deal as legitimate. Creditors later claimed Tim Blixseth had fraudulently pocketed $286 million meant for the resort, in a lawsuit that Blixseth says Brown cooperated with.Brown was chairman of the unsecured creditors committee that filed the complaint over the $286 million. Prior to that role, he served as Blixseth’s personal attorney and the attorney for the club.Brown gained a seat on the committee in part because his firm was among the club’s creditors when it filed for bankruptcy. Blixseth was not an original party to the creditors’ lawsuit but he intervened in the case about a month after it was filed.The creditors won a $40 million judgment against Blixseth last year before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ralph Kirscher.In his ruling, Kirscher shot down claims that Brown OK’d Blixseth’s personal use of the loan money. The judge said responsibility for that fraudulent transfer rested with Blixseth.Blixseth has yet to pay the $40 million judgment, and the issue remains caught up in a tangle of lawsuits and appeals stemming from the resort’s bankruptcy.In a separate case, recent court documents show Tim Blixseth is seeking $808,000 in legal fees and unspecified punitive damages from the state of Montana after tax authorities unsuccessfully tried to force him into bankruptcy.Montana’s Department of Revenue has alleged Tim Blixseth owes more than $57 million in unpaid taxes and penalties from the Credit Suisse loan. A federal judge in Nevada threw out the case last month saying it was not filed in the proper venue.Tim Blixseth is a resident of Washington state. A family trust that holds most of his assets is incorporated in Las Vegas.The dispute over the $57 million remains pending before the State Tax Appeal Board.last_img read more

Vintage College Mascot Logos

first_img 0 SportsLogos.Net Posted February 7, 2013 83 567 Members Old 1 Share this post 3,583 Vintage Share on other sites Mascot Shumway Members There’s is UF Gators’ classic,My preferred gator logo of choice Vintage College Mascot Logos Share on other sites Location:Houston, TX Fresno St. Alum The Fixer 6 6 Next DC in Da House w/o a Doubt Members 0 Twinberwolvikings Members 1,364 cajunaggie08 4,350 posts 2,828 posts NCAA 0 Link to post Posted February 7, 2013 Posted February 7, 2013 Prev Link to post Share on other sites hettinger_rl 1,364 1,364 2 Location:Aberdeen, SD 1 hettinger_rl 2,828 posts Sports Posted January 31, 2013 0 Link to post 154 Posted February 7, 2013 0 HarperK 2,209 HarperK Location:A Nice Place to Live Location:Detroit Does anyone have a better version of this logo? Link to post Members 4 Share this post I really like this Cy 0 Location:Burnsville, MN Link to post Vintage Mascot Guru hettinger_rl Raysfan12 Location:Aberdeen, SD 4,313 posts Steve03Merc That tiger looks like it’s either really high or just got away with something.He just pocketed some Doritos from 7-11, so I think both. hettinger_rl Members Members Sign in to follow this   Billy B 2,348 posts 1,364 1,364 Share on other sites Location:Aberdeen, SD Vintage Mascot Guru Link to post 24 Members koreanjhee 82 posts Or any other vintage/old style mascot logos? I think they are so classic and I’m doing a personal project with them. 5 0 Share this post Posted February 5, 2013 Posted February 7, 2013 132 1 2 illini1 0 Posted January 31, 2013 154 270 Link to post It’s not ideal, but I don’t think it’ll put a dagger hettinger_rl Share this post 2,877 posts Vucelord! roxfan00 Members 453 Location:Lee’s Summit, Missouri 4 Link to post I’ve got a ton of the College Vault graphics…one of these days, I’ll try to get around to producing some RGB versions. Like these: 453 0 Forums Home 56 570 1,364 Link to post Posted February 7, 2013 567 Location:The DMV 1,364 Location:Downingtown, PA Members Share on other sites Share this post cajunaggie08 24 hettinger_rl Steve03Merc Link to post 2 Share this post 570 132 Favourite Logos:Dunking Cardinal, Punisher Skull, 1990’s Orlando Magic 122 posts why were sailor hats the in headwear of mascots even up into the 80s, I have a UNC t-shirt w/ a ram wearing a sailor hat. NC St. w/ the wolf wearing one too. Here come Auburn andycumbee19 Members got bored and did a quickie with this for fun Anyone have some images of the classic, sweater wearing, mascot logos? Or and pics of letter sweaters and other classic logos from various colleges? andycumbee19 I have to return some videotapes Link to post 11,788 posts Members 139 Fresno St. Alum roxfan00 Share on other sites Members 129 All Activity Posted February 8, 2013 0 Vintage Mascot Guru That tiger looks like it’s either really high or just got away with something. Link to post 270 Vintage College Mascot Logos 270 Share on other sites The Fixer Share on other sites Vintage Mascot Guru Posted February 2, 2013 Classic 132 2,654 posts Share this post 1,095 posts Posted January 31, 2013 Link to post hettinger_rl 1,364 Link to post Sports Logo News Share on other sites My alone time is for everyone’s safety 1,364 Link to post Posted February 8, 2013 All Activity Posted February 7, 2013 Location:Minneapolis This topic is now closed to further replies. 24 Share on other sites This is as vintage as Louisville can get and it’s probably the best so far.and here’s Kentucky’s for reference. 1,364 Share this post Go Blue! 1,364 Posted February 4, 2013 0 3,583 Share on other sites 0 1 This guy is the best. Sign in to follow this   Page 1 of 29   Posted February 4, 2013 DC in Da House w/o a Doubt 83 Share on other sites 2,209 1 6,236 posts 5 hettinger_rl Share on other sites Prev 139 Link to post Share this post Members 0 These aren’t the best quality but here’s some images of old sarge. He’s the “unofficial” mascot of Texas A&M. The school hasn’t used his image in some time now. I love this thread. I’m back! Members Link to post Share on other sites Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Anything with a mascot in a sweater or anthropomorphic foods. 2,209 1 0 Recommended Posts Members 7,012 posts 3 0 Share on other sites Share this post 6 Share on other sites Go To Topic Listing 0 Share on other sites koreanjhee Link to post By hettinger_rl, January 31, 2013 in Sports Logo News Location:Aberdeen, SD Share this post TruColor 2,392 posts 2,828 posts 1 Share this post Forums Home 2 Share this post 3,583 Posted February 8, 2013 Share on other sites Billy B Link to post TruColor Share this post Followers 8 Or any other vintage/old style mascot logos? I think they are so classic and I’m doing a personal project with them.The first couple aren’t P.C., but here’s a few old Illinois logos. KCScout76 2 139 Shumway 231 posts illini1 56 453 56 83 6 (Formerly nyy3351) Twinberwolvikings Posted February 7, 2013 1,364 570 Link to post got bored and did a quickie with this for funLooks great thank you! Formerly ColorWerx and PANTONE Location:Reedley, CA 14,762 posts 154 Members Share this post KCScout76 Page 1 of 29   129 129 1,906 posts Members Location:Colorado 3 Location:Louisville, Kentucky 567 Posted February 8, 2013 Share this post 2,828 posts 1 Followers 8 Sports Logos 0 Share on other sites Members Vintage College Mascot Logos Location:315 Share this post 6 Next 1950s 16,708 posts Posted February 7, 2013 Share this post Members Share this post SportsLogos.Net Raysfan12 Sports Logos Sports Logo News Share this postlast_img read more